Timsheet software for IT teams

Posted on 06/02/2018 7:10am

Do you know where is your time going when you work on numbers of tasks simultaniously? It’s very embarracing if tasks are doubled or lost or ignored. While working for IT firm it would be good to know how much time is being spent for various tasks and projects, who works how much, who is most productive and how to prioritize work to never cross the deadline or working overtime.

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Timesheet software can help you organize your workflow and always finish job on time
You have too many projects? Don’t worry. Create groups of projects and enter particular tasks into it. Your task will appear on the list in time entires and project. The onlu thing you have to do now is to click the task you want to work on and voila! The time is already being tracked.

Wht if I don’t want to switch tasks all the time?
There is a feature for that! Desktop application that detects your task by keywords. If you are not very much into switching task (we totally understand you!) you can assign
keywords for them an Time Tracker will detect your task and track their time automaticcaly. So you could focus on your worok only, nothing else.

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What are the benefits of timesheet software?

1. Projects’ estimation: if you want to estimate time and costs of project precisely you can use time data collected by timesheet software. You will be able to see how much time particular tasks took you in the past and basing on this, you can always say how much time and money you will need for the next ones.

2. Productivity monitoring: analyzing reports you can see who of your team work more and who less. It will be very helpful if you want to promote somebody or proove the poor worker that he is not working enough.

3. Efficiency Improvement: your team members will work more effectively if they knew that their performance is being monitored. In short time you will see a big improvement of efficiency and producitivity.

Try timesheet software and see a positive change in your budget and workflow.