You want to sell products in Russia? Got a gost certificate. Check it out

Posted on 11/07/2018 9:36pm
In the present times, there are a lot of relevant businessmen in our country, who are owning big companies. Most of them are selling their goods not only inside the Poland, but also outside, in European Union. Thanks to our membership, we don't have to get any additional permissions to do so, the most important is to have those Polish ones. And what about countries outside the EU? If you like to sell your goods in Russia, situation looks a lot different. You must to get special documents, respectable by this country.

"Emergency" snacks for various occasions

Posted on 29/02/2016 12:18pm
Author: mz
You chill out at home and unexpectedly hear a ring at the door-bell. You are a bit surprised as you don’t expect anyone. You open the door and you see colleagues that apparently make up their mind to pay you an unannounced visit. You haven’t seen them for a while so you are glad they are at your place. On the other hand, you desperately try to think of anything you can treat your visitors with. You are sure you don’t possess all ingredients to prepare something nice to eat now.