Combination product - how to use it in modern pharmacy companies?

Posted on 11/07/2019 7:32am

What combination products are?

Combination products are combination of drug and chemical substance and a tool mechanical or electronical device. They are to be complete and modern combination every patient nowadays. What are examples of such products? These are injectors, inhalers, and even bone cements.

Benefits of using combination product

First significant advantage of using combination product is its ability to solve problems in everyday life.

People with no disease do not feel the suffer of patients struggling with cancer, allergy or diabetic. But here comes combination product. It often occures that disease reaches every single part of living.

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Sometimes it's even impossible to leave a house without some inhaler.

But there's an option to always take it away and hide in a pocket. And therefore patients may inhalate whenever they need. Without combination product, it wouldn't be even possible. They'd probably have to deal with it alone. These products enable to restore power needed in fighting with illness.

It's also worth to mention that combination therapy reduce pill burden of patients They have to take only one medicine as an alternative to many of them. What does it mean for patients? Less amount of drugs taken and, as a consequence, healthier lifestyle.

Combination product is not very difficult to use by every single patient, regardless of age. It means that people aren't forced to go to hospital or any medical placement to dose some medicine. It's much more easier for them.

Disadvantages of combination product

Of course there might be some undesirable effects.

It's not so often sitiuation but still likely that it won't be an available FDC with appropriate medicine, so people may get too much quantity of ingredient, whereas others haven't got enough of it.